It all starts with a commitment.

A commitment that reaches far beyond the marketplace. A commitment that encompasses the people we work with, the clients who trust us, the communities we touch and the environments we impact.

A commitment that ensures in every instance, the right choices are the only choices.

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It means serving the needs of others.

From our business practices

It means lessening our impact on the planet.

From our brands

It means anticipating health for those in need.


From our team

It means contributing to the greater good.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We take our role as a global citizen very seriously. That means not just creating healthy products for our customers, but also doing our part to help maintain the health of the planet.

Plant a Fish Foundation (PAF)
We have joined forces with environmental ambassador Fabien Cousteau, whose mission is to empower communities to become involved with the re-planting of key marine species in their local habitats. PAF empowers its participants to take action to promote sustainable living in their communities at home, thus becoming better stewards of their local environment.

Thirst For Excellence Program
In support of good global citizenship, and to help make our world a more sustainable place, we provide our employees reusable water bottles for the workplace in order to decrease the 2.5 million plastic water bottles that are consumed by Americans per hour. Staying sufficiently hydrated during the workday is important to the well-being of our employees, which is in harmony with our Corporate Mission and Vision.

Giving back to our global and local community

At WELLNEXT®, we corporately support a variety of charitable organizations that are aligned with our mission. Additionally, through the Employee Giveback Committee, NPI partners with its employees to make a difference in our local and global communities. The funds that are raised through charitable events, such as breakfast & lunch programs and annual auctions, are dedicated to the support of organizations that enrich the lives of our neighbors.